Why choose preschool education with Columbia Christian Academy.

A preschool is a vital tool used to spark a child’s love of learning.  Coupled with a child’s innate sense of adventure & urge to explore the world around them, preschool opens the door to a life full of love to learn.

- mrs. unger, Preschool Teacher

Preschool education and Childhood Development

A high-quality preschool creates a foundation for lifelong success. Early childhood education is the bridge that connects your child to their dreams. You child will grow in ways you know knew possible. 

Columbia Christian Academy will help your child reach their full potential. We ensure that children can explore their God-given creativity. When picking a school for your child, consider how children are taught. The learning environment for growth starts with loving teachers.  Our teachers greatest desire to spark a lifelong love of God and learning in that order.

Our children are taught to learn by listening to them and adjusting what we hear and see into action.  At Columbia Christian Academy, we teach a child and not a classroom. Most early education programs are built upon classroom strategies developed in a school.  We are different, we believe that each child is an individual that deserves to be taught how they learn. 

At our school, children learn how to think.  We know this is radical in the time of industrialized education, but we know it works.  Our students are well prepared to be leaders where they ultimately choose to go.  We know that children learn best when they are given the freedom to think, yet encouraged to think deeper.

Trying to understand where children learn best is our teacher's mission.  We find the route to understanding that engages students. Listening to your child is responsible for the explosive growth we see in our students. It's not uncommon for our students to learn to read in less than a year. 
Our child-centered approach expands the 'child's understanding of the Bible.

The headstart given to Columbia Christian Academy is unparalleled in Mid-Missouri. No matter where you live in Columbia, finding a centrally-located preschool is a priority. 

More than any other preschool education outcome, we support social and cognitive development.  Unlike homeschool, we believe that personal relationships are essential. Art and science is a critical part of educating our students.

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